April 18, 2024

Hey, Randy here. I wanted to give a quick shout out and plug for Jasdeep’s Email Marketing Master Class. Now, you may know that I’ve been working in the affiliate marketing and list building space for a few years, and I recently quit my regular job to work full-time for myself. I wanted to build my business, but I’ve had a problem. I haven’t been able to expand as quickly as I wanted, and no matter how much traffic and leads I generated, I couldn’t grow my list to the level I needed for the income I’m looking for.

So, I made the decision to invest in my business and learn from a leader in the industry, someone I knew and trusted from previous experience. I’m so glad I decided to do this. Even in the short two to three weeks, I’ve already learned so much that will help me grow my business and deliver high-quality traffic to my customers.

Even if you’ve been in the email marketing business for a while, like me, it’s probably true that you have trouble with a lot of different things, like inboxing or keeping your list engaged. If you’re like me and not really techy, because you prefer to focus on marketing, but still need help with this stuff, I can tell you that you’re going to learn insider secrets that will develop your skills to an expert level.

Let me give you an idea of what’s in this class. It’s about more than just foundations and basics. We’re talking about ESPs, automations, advanced tracking, segmentation, list hygiene, email copywriting, creating offers, funnels, and different forms of monetization. It doesn’t matter what your online business is, whether you’re into affiliate marketing, network marketing, selling your own product or service, or even selling traffic. There’s something for everyone, and there’s lots of bonus material too.

I can’t recommend Jas’s class enough. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a beginner, there’s no better way to expand your business than to learn from a leader in the industry like Jasdeep. It means investing in yourself and your knowledge.

So, if you’re interested in learning how email marketing can help your business, if you’re frustrated because you’re getting banned from your ESP or can’t figure out why you’re not inboxing, or if you want to grow a bulletproof system that will give you a permanent sustainable business, then you need to get in on this with me.

Depending on where you’re seeing this video, maybe you came to my website. There’s going to be a button down below, or you can hit me up in the comments on Facebook or in the description box on YouTube. Just hit me up, and I’ll hook you up with the exclusive invite.

Here’s the link to your invite: https://randysult.com/emailclass

Again, I just want to say to Jazz and your crew, thanks a ton for this great training and opportunity. We’ll see you there.

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Randy Sult

My name is Randy Sult. I'm a successful affiliate marketer and list builder. On this blog I talk about everything related to affiliate marketing, network marketing and list building. For some of the best business opportunity seeker email traffic just click the link in the menu above and choose your traffic package.

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