October 19, 2021

Hi welcome to my review of Phoenix. Here I’m going to give you a complete, walk-through and demo of the phoenix software and training product. I’ll describe what it is and what it can do for you.

Phoenix is a training software that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing using solo ads and using a really cool trick with rotators, where you can rotate multiple affiliate offers through one link with one funnel, and that way you can test your traffic sources and track which offers convert best depending on what traffic source you’re using. It’s a really cool way to get a quick results and be able to monitor and upscale really quickly, so that you can make a lot of money very fast.

I put together some really cool bonuses that are exclusive just to this product that are going to work perfectly with Phoenix and help you make money a lot quicker.

You’ll be able to access those by clicking the link at the bottom of this review post and you’ll be taken to my bonus page.

What are these bonuses that i’ve put together specifically for Phoenix? The first bonus is probably what i would consider to be the most valuable one and it’s really going to bring all this together and that’s my secret source of buyer traffic. Now inside phoenix, like i explained, they’re teaching you how to do affiliate marketing using solo ads and a rotator length to rotate through multiple affiliate offers well inside the training they’re going to talk about some of the solo ad sources that Mark and James use and they’re really good sources, but what is awesome in this bonus right here is that this is my source of traffic as a solo ad vendor i’ve been able to develop different segments of my list, and this list right here is optimized to convert with offers like Phoenix and other Warrior + products, Clickbank products, JVzoo products, that’s what this secret source of buyer traffic is.

I’m giving you VIP access to my affiliate buyer traffic source, it’s my personal source of traffic, and i sell this at a premium. I’m going to give you a discount that way you can quit wasting money, hunting for quality traffic. You can check out the sources they have inside the training in phoenix if you want, but i’m telling you this is going to work really well, it’s real traffic you’re going to be able to increase your profits with any affiliate offer, and it’s optimized for Warrior +, Clickbank products and JVzoo products that gives you the ability to put all these things into the rotator like they’re teaching you inside phoenix and know that the traffic source you use and is optimized to convert with these offers. So it’s going to make your success that much quicker.

Bonus number two is 2 other high quality traffic sources. So now this is a training course by a friend of mine named Jono. He really doesn’t like solo ads he’s not had much luck with them. So he’s really good at other sources of traffic, and this is a excellent video by Jono teaching you how to use these traffic sources just like a pro. How to use google adwords how to use bing ads rank fast and cheap.

Bonus number three how to build your landing pages for cheap now inside Phoenix they’re teaching you how to use click funnels and that’s an awesome product. I use it myself, there’s a link in the description box below this video. If you want to check out a trial offer of that, but if you’re not ready to spend money learning how to build landing pages for cheap – and these are professional landing pages high converting opt-in rates – this is a course that’s going to teach you how to build.

Those plus how to split test them and how to track them. Another awesome value. Okay, bonus, number four, the secret email swipe vault. Now again, this is almost priceless uh. This is my personal email.

Swipe vault i got over 2500 email, swipes proven ad copy. You just copy and paste them into your autoresponder. It’S going to keep your list engaged. You might just have to make a few tweaks like adding your name, all the work done for you. You don’t have to worry about writing follow-ups.

Can you imagine, having an autoresponder full of 2500 email, swipes ready to rock and roll that’s there for you absolutely free when you purchase phoenix using the link in the description box below this video it’ll, take you to the through and then bonus number five is how To rank your youtube videos, this is going to teach you how to get massive targeted traffic for free from youtube. It’S a complete video course again. You’Re learning from a top affiliate youtube traffic is one of the most awesome sources of traffic. There is you’re, basically using google, google owns youtube when people go in and they search for certain keywords: they’re going to end up on a video just like this one that i’m making right now for phoenix. That’s probably how you got here.

This is targeted traffic to any offer that you can imagine once you learn how to use youtube. You’re gonna be unstoppable.

Okay, phoenix here’s the members area, you’re gon na start out, you’re gon na – have, of course, a welcome video uh. This is mark barrett, excellent guy, very good trainer he’s a a top performing affiliate.

This is the exact system that he’s been using to make a lot of money, and you this is a really easy to follow. Course, they’re going to give you an overview right here and basically what they’re doing is they’re teaching you how to use a squeeze page or sales funnel. But this is really not a complete funnel. It’S just a squeeze page, going collecting name and email right onto your autoresponder and then sending them to an affiliate offer. The difference is they’re showing you how to set up a rotator so that you can rotate multiple affiliate offers with one link the follow-up series and everything is optimized to convert with any offer.

So that way you can test which offers are working the best and you can roll through your traffic sources and scale up very quickly. Okay inside the actual training they’re going to show you how to find top offers, how to build your rotator out how to build your funnel, how to integrate it with your autoresponder. How to set up your follow-ups and test the funnel go through all those trainings and then they’re gon na get into traffic they’re gon na show you their traffic sources. It’S some solo ad traffic that he has had excellent success with, but remember the bonus that i just showed you is going to give you access to my traffic, that’s already optimized, to convert with this kind of stuff. So that’s just a bonus for you, then they’re going to talk about monitoring and scaling how to monitor your results and scale up quickly.

You can also access the vendor bonuses from inside the members area and here’s some of those bonuses a little black book, which is basically all their traffic sources, a list of offers that they think convert very well. Some training on clickbank access to their facebook group and their uh three-day swipe. I’M also giving you 2500 additional email, swipes, so you’re going to have access to all this, plus all the bonuses that i just described by purchasing through the link on my bonus page you’re. Going to get all that for 12.95 now i think if you go through right now, you’re going to be able to access this product for about 7.

5, because if you hurry, when you click that purchase button on the sales page, any one of these yellow buttons right Here it’s gon na automatically include a coupon code to take five dollars off, so you’re gon na be able to get the whole thing for i think 7.95. So that would be really cool. All that stuff that i just described now we’ll take a look at some of the upgrades. Once you make the initial purchase they’re going to start showing you upgrades, i just want to walk through those real quick.

So you know what they look like upgrade number one is the phoenix profit automators that’s 37, and then they have a down sale for 27 dollars. That’s basically them just including the exact swipes they’re using for the system. Upgrade number two is a done for you package. That way, this upgrade is actually giving you access to the entire funnel all the capture pages, all the um email, swipes everything put together for you already done. You don’t even have to do any of the work it’s done for you just download it and put it in motion upgrade number three: is their phoenix 10x profit box uh, basically giving you uh leverage on any affiliate or product offer and increase your profits.

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