October 22, 2021



What is instant traffic app?  Well, basically, it’s a complete system for you to get started with affiliate marketing by creating complete campaigns, including access to traffic and everything you need.  All the landing pages, the auto-responder, the follow-up emails and a traffic source. All this is done for you with very easy instant clicks.

You got some training here and you’re going to have access to the creator’s email for support. Okay, one of the first things you’re going to do is you’re going to set up the auto-responder, which is GetResponse and I’m giving you a 30 day free trial as one of the bonuses.  Once you create your account and make sure you do that through the bonus page, so you can get the free trial.  Then all you got to do is put your username in there to integrate it, and it’s going to automatically set up the complete follow-up series for the products that you’re going to promote.  Okay, you’re also going to have uh to integrate with ClickBank, because some of the products inside this are ClickBank products.

So if you have a ClickBank account, you just put your username in there to register or you can create one. That’s a little video showing you how to do that you’re going to have access to all these landing pages already done for you once you have the system set up, all you got to do is click one of these install buttons. It’S going to automatically install the landing page and create the hosted website for you. You don’t have to pay anything for the hosting it’s all included as part of the system. You just click that it creates the landing page, and then you go to the traffic.

The instant traffic source uh there’s going to be some training in here about traffic and then it’s going to give you access to the traffic funnel, which is a marketplace where you can access all different kinds of buyers. You don’t have to buy directly from me. I’m just happy to be one of the providers inside the traffic funnel there’s all kinds of different providers in there different sources of traffic. It’s a marketplace where you can go, look at different traffic opportunities and use the traffic inside the system. This system really works.

All you have to do once it’s set up is make sure you have consistent, targeted traffic, going to your landing pages and you’re going to make money as an affiliate using this product. I highly recommend it. I know the owner personally, or i mean the creator of this product personally and i’m telling you this is one of the best systems, if you’re new or even, if you’re intermediate marketer on how to start making money right away. All you have to do is follow the training and be consistent, you’re going to get a lot of extra stuff in here inside the system, with training on how to do facebook ads youtube ads. This is all included for a very low price.

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