December 19, 2021

1. Get new subscribers – Since the average Churn rate for any email list is around 20% yearly you need to purge non openers and  bring in fresh blood consistently. Do not become stagnant in keeping traffic coming in and getting new subscribers, because over time a portion of your email list will die.

Building your email list with fresh subscribers should be one of your main priorities. Some subscribers will read your emails for years, some will not. 

2. Email List hygiene – Always clean your email list by deleting people who have not opened any of your emails in the last 6 months to 1 year (non openers). If they have not opened even one of your emails in 6 months to 1 year, they are most likely never going to.  Sending emails to large numbers of people who NEVER open your emails will bring down your deliverability rate, and affect your email open rates –hence lowering your conversions.

3. Email more often – if you do not email your list often, you really risk them losing interest in your offers. If your subscribers only see an email from you once a month, they might even forget who you are and that they ever subscribed, unless you have a really recognizable brand.  I email at least once a day to all my lists.

4. Re-engagement campaign – Try to re-engage your subscribers and offer your email subscribers something valuable for free or a big discount if they open your email. Whatever your offer is, make it extraordinary and utilize a subject line that spells it out clearly.

5. Write better subject lines – Look through some of your past emails you sent that got the highest open rates, if you have had some subject lines that really kicked up the opens, send it again. And try and mimic what worked in those subject lines with new ones you write. Maybe it was the topic, maybe it was the subject line itself, experiment with it.

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